Ancient Itineraries: The Digital Lives of Art History

I am very happy to announce that I have been chosen as a participant for Ancient Itineraries: The Digital Lives of Art History institute, which is supported by the Getty Foundation as part of their Digital Art History initiative.


A (VERY!) brief synopsis: The institute will focus on three areas of concern to digital art history: provenance, geographies, and visualization. We will create detailed specifications, assess different methodologies, and create a detailed proof of concept for each of these three areas. The results of this work will be translatable to different project plans and research opportunities at the close of the institute.


Given the detailed description of the institute (linked above) and the various specialties and strengths of the organizers, I think this will be a fascinating exploration of the intersection of art history, ancient history, linked data, geospatial research, material culture, and digital humanities. I expect that this institute will not only create outstanding scholarly output, but will serve as the core of a new, robust community of scholars interested in linked data, material culture, and art history.

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